08-02-2022: Combatting Online Sexism: Online Hatred and Abuse Against Women

When: 8 February, 20.00 – 21.30
Where: Café de Tussentijd, Janskerkhof 24, Utrecht

Recent research of De Groene Amsterdammer in collaboration with Utrecht Data School has shown that in the Netherlands ten per cent of all tweets directed at female politicians, contain hate or aggression. Politicians receive a lot of online hate and abuse, but women disproportionately more and remarkably more personally than men. Women entering the political arena can count on online reviews and hate about their voice, body, religion, or skin colour rather than reviews on the content they express. This is unpleasant and threatening for active politicians and other women that express their opinions online and can be a deterrent for women who still want to go into politics. What does this mean for our democratic society? What is the role of social media like Twitter? Are there solutions to this problem? We invited Karlijn Saris, co- author of the article Misogyny as a political weapon in De Groene Amsterdammer, to join us to interactively discuss these questions during the talk on February 8th, 2022.

Will you join our discussion and engage in conversation with Karlijn Saris and us? Don’t hesitate to sign up via the following link.

This evening is organised by Amnesty International Network Utrecht (AINU) and SIB-Utrecht.

For more information on the issue, you can read the Toxic Twitter report of Amnesty International and the article reporting the research of De Groene Amsterdammer.