Structure AINU

AINU works with the snowflake model, which replaces a single leader in a network with interconnected leaders. This model has a flexible and accessible structure that provides the opportunity for expansion and encourages accountability and results. It is important to stress that AINU’s snowflake model of organizing is not a hierarchical structure but a unified network in which everyone works together on combatting human rights violations.

The roles and responsibilities AINU consists of the following four roles with each a different job description:

Interested member: you are updated on the activities of AINU and when AINU organizes something you may participate whenever you prefer to do so.

Activist: you are part of a specific team, you are involved with the network for a longer period of time, take part in inspirational sessions and contribute to organizing activities and events for your campaign group.

Activist leader: you are responsible for a campaign and coordinate and coach a group of activists in organizing and executing the actions and events of your campaign. You also contribute to the expansion and reputation of the network.

Organizer (Organizing Leadership Team): you contribute to lifting the network, its strategy and long term vision to new levels. You coach the activist leaders and work towards realizing collaborations and letting the network grow.