Special Human rights walk for children’s rights in Utrecht

In the beautiful historic city of Utrecht there is a very special Human Rights Walk about children’s rights. Dieuwertje Blok and Joris Linssen guide you through special places that are all linked in their own way to children’s rights.

The tour is suitable for the little ones (with visits to the Nijntje Square and Anne Frank), as well as for young people who can stop at the gay monument or the prison. The app also offers adults new perspectives on places in the historic city centre: from Trijn van Leemput to Thinker on a Rock.

The rights of all humans are what creates the basics of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, because children are vulnerable and need extra protection, there has been a special treaty for children’s rights since 1989. This walk is about the rights of children.

Amnesty International’s Human Rights Walk app shows that Utrecht is also full of exciting stories, fascinating people and historic places that touch on children’s rights. A unique opportunity to see a city through a different lens.

You can find all information about the walk here.

Have fun!